Massey Creek Farmsmcf-current-logo-1-24-14-png-image
Owned by: Garland McCollum
Product: Eggs
Phone: 336.427.7030
210 Massey Creek Rd Madison, NC 27025
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About: Massey Creek Farms is a small family farm in the center of Rockingham County, North Carolina. We specialize in sustainably grown, grass fed meats and eggs. In the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just north of Greensboro, we farm in the footsteps of our Scotch-Irish ancestors and follow a program of growing pigs, sheep, and chickens on grass to provide our customers a healthy product they can count on.

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-9-50-28-pmGoat Lady Dairy
Owned by: Steve Tate/Product: Cheese
Phone: 336-824-2163
3531 Jess Hackett Rd. Climax, NC 27233
Website: Click here! Facebook: Click here!
About: Goat Lady Dairy partners with four local family dairy farms. From their goat and cow milk they carefully handcraft fresh, soft-ripened and aged cheeses sold at local farmers markets and in stores and restaurants throughout the South and beyond.


Pine Trough Branch (PTB) Farm ptblogo-final

Owned by: Hillary and Worth Kimmel
336 706 8612 (farmer Worth)
828 406 3800 (farmer Hillary)
Reidsville, NC
Products: Produce AND Pork
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About: PTB Farm is a diversified  farm in Rockingham County. They are dedicated to building living soil and growing healthy food for the triad. A young, second-generation farmers preserving family farmland in a part of Rockingham County that’s under heavy development pressure, growing beyond-organic vegetables and highest-quality meat from free-range animals born and raised on pasture and forest land.